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Something that all of our innovative products have in common is their 94-year, unlimited warranty. Rest assured that our products will serve you and your customers forever (or at least 94 years).
man in a brown fuzzy jacket holding orange leather gloves
Silicone rings: they’re a safer alternative to a metal ring. And what sets our silicone rings apart? The grooves on the inside to make sure no moisture stays trapped. No more irritated fingers! We have over 200 options from NCAA, NFL, solid colors, and licensed camouflage – there's something for everyone. We promise.
man in a grey longsleeve carrying a log over their shoulder
Featuring our patented, breathable grooves on the inside, we have premium Apple™ watch bands to carry in your store. Selections range from a variety of camouflage to NFL and solid colors to unique designs.
man working with a tool while wearing the groove belt
It’s the perfect belt. No, seriously. It’s made to only adjust one time, has just the right amount of stretch (5%) but stiff enough webbing to keep its form for a lifetime, features an added keeper loop to secure the excess fabric, and the magnetic buckle snaps in perfect place each time.
person standing with their surfboard in hand on the sand of a foggy beach
The Groove Ring was first imagined on the banks of the Moraine Creek in Katmai National Park. Founder, Peter Goodwin, needed a wedding band that was on par with his other adventure gear. While raising four kids, building an adventure lodge, and running his guiding business, Peter worked nights for eight months perfecting the Groove Ring design. His focus? Finding the best materials and developing functional designs with an unlimited warranty.

The Groove Ring was kickstarted in December 2015 and the rest is history! Groove Life has grown to become the industry leader for active, adventurous people needing high quality products that keep up with their lifestyle.
By carrying Groove Life products in your store, you become our partner. We're here to team up and ensure you are successful. Here are a few reasons we're a little different than most:
If Groove doesn’t work for your store, we’ll buy it back. Told you – it's risk free. We'll also swap out slow-selling products at any time too!
We have resources for your use to drive customers into your store, but we'll push people into your store too. That's right. We'll spend our money on advertising to support you!
People love Groove. Over a million people, actually. We've cultivated a following, and they're ready to buy more Groove products!
Our customer service is so excellent that we have a 4.8/5.0 rating on Google. We do a great job to make sure the customer experience is personable and unforgettable.
Groove has grown to be the industry leader for active, adventurous people needing high-quality products that match their lifestyle. We promise to always create and provide innovative, functional, and blow-your-mind products!
If we ever have a sale online, don’t worry – we’ll let you know, so you can run it in your store too. AND, we’ll credit you back for sales lost.
Listen to our retail partners

Kinard Jewelers
Groove Life is a joy to sell!!! Everyone loves the products and they keep coming back for more! The warranty is the absolute best and like no other!
Vintage 615
I love working with and carrying Groove Life’s products in my store, because our values line up, the heart they put into our community, and that the headquarters is right down the street. Local Supporting Local!!!
J&W Sports and Apparel
Great rings ,and people absolutely love the products! Customers LOVE the warranty!!! Groove Life products basically sells itself! Groove has the best silicone products, because they do it best!
Groove Life products are searched 110,000+ times a month. Wow. Oh, and people search for us more than our competitors.
People have spent over 1,847,964 hours watching our videos on Youtube, and they've been watched over 54 million times! That must mean they're pretty good. We also take our subscribers on some crazy adventures.
More than 60 million people have seen our Facebook ads (and you're probably one of them). You can also check out 65k+ 5-star reviews on our page!